Credit Cards With Zero Percent APR

Credit Cards With Zero Percent APR

Credit card interest, the general problem of almost all credit card users, causes high payments for consumers. Interest rates are usually the same in all banks. Although the credit card interest rates of the countries are different from each other, the interest rates of the banks serving in the same country are determined by the state. These figures range from %1.5 to %3. Paying interest on the amount you spend on a monthly basis really forces the budget.

Pros of Credit Cards With Zero Percent APR

Benefits of Credit Cards With Zero Percent APR are quite high for consumers. Less pay means less stress. It is also advantageous for banks. Because card holders spend more and use their cards more often. It is Ideal for a high amount of shopping. For example, you can pay a holiday with zero interest credit card. If you have debts to your other credit cards, you can transfer funds to your credit card without interest. It is Suitable for use for debt transfer. You can use your zero rate credit card in this way.

Cons of  Credit Cards With Zero Percent APR

Enjoy the interest when using credit card. Because it doesn’t go on for long time. Credit Cards With Zero Percent APR is issued for specific periods. It won’t go on forever. For example, you can use it for 18 months or 21 months. When this time expires, standard interest rates disrupt the balance of your budget. A disadvantage of these credit cards is the high transaction fees. In particular, you pay the transaction fee for balance transfers. In any adverse situation (such as delayed payment or debt), your card can be canceled and you cannot have any credit card for long-term. So you should use your card carefully.

(APR: Annual Percentage Rate)

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